Maintenance Tips For Water Wells

wellWater is very important in our daily lives and that’s putting it simply. It can’t be put into words how important water is to our daily lives. Without it, we’ll literally die. Having limited access to it won’t cause us to die but will cripple our way of life.

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Even with all these information, we often take our waters for granted. We take our water supply for granted because it is made ready available to us, no matter where we are. We never had to search for our own water like our ancestors and that made us complacent and ignorant to the true value of water.

For most of us, water is readily available and is not limited. Unfortunately, there are still many places that have limited supply of water. Especially now that climate change is apparent, limited water supply is quickly becoming a problem in big cities. We want to know if the water is safe but firstly, we need a constant supply of it. For homeowners with limited access to clean water, this is a big problem. This is the time when they need to call a well drilling team to give them access to clean water.

Once the water drilling team is done making your own water well, you still need to care for it. You don’t simply forget about your water well once it’s drilled. Just like any other home systems, water well needs maintenance. Below are some helpful maintenance tips to help you maintain the tip top condition of your water well.

Check your well once a year

You should have your well checked at least once a year. If you are want to be extra courteous, you can hire a professional to do the check for you. You should check for any mechanical problems, cleanliness, presence of chemicals and contaminants.

Check the water quality once a year

Water quality is probably the most important part of well. One of the main reasons of getting a water well is to get a consistent supply of clean water. You can buy a testing kit to test for your water quality or you can hire a professional to check for harmful chemicals in your water.

Check your surroundings for any harmful elements

At least every month, you should check your surroundings for unwanted materials like paint, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil, and many more. These liquids can seep through the soil into the well and this can make your water undrinkable.

Remember that the average lifespan of wells is 20 years

Once your well has reached this age, you should get a professional to decommission your well and build a new one. If your well is still functional, you should have it evaluated.

Maintaining your water well is easy if you know a bit of information. For additional articles and information regarding water wells, head over to Akron Well Drilling.

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