Pumping Water From a Well – What You Need To Know

pumpsIf you have a well in your home backyard as your own fresh water supply, it would be great if you understand how they work. To better understand water wells, you need adequate knowledge on what role does a well pump play to regulate the water supply. This post aims to increase your knowledge of well pumps and how you can troubleshoot basic water well problems by yourself.

Most modern well systems consist of pump and pressure tank. These two parts functions in tandem to pump out water from the deep bore wells and supply it to your home by using pipes and tubes.

Water lifting using different kinds of pumps

Well pump is installed in the deep bores where it functions as a puller. It pulls water from the underground to your home. It is often installed below the water level to ensure that it stays function even with drought or water shortage.

The size of the pump is determined by several factors like the size of your home, availability of water, plumbing fixtures, and your water requirement. If you have a typical size home, a medium size pump with 1 – 2 HP of power is enough for you. If you use water all the time, you may need to use bigger water pump. All in all, it depends on how much water you’re going to use on a day-to-day basis. You can have a big home but have small water requirement or vice versa.

If you have shallow wells, you may need to use jet pumps. Jet pumps have a diameter of 4 inches or less. This kind of pump is only used for specialized wells. The most common type of pump is still the well pump. Submersible well pumps are the most common type of well pumps because they will automatically turn on as soon as the water level drops to a specific level.

Pressure Tank Normalize Water Supply

Pressure tanks are designed to hold the water supply for your home. They normalize the water supply in your home by squeezing the air inside the tank until a specific pressure level is obtained. The pressure range for most tanks is 50 – 60 psi. As soon as the tank turns on, air pressure inside the tank pushes the water through its pipelines until the tank gets the ideal pressure level.

You have free reign to choose how big your tank is going to be. If you think a bigger tank is needed for your water requirement, feel free to do so. It is better to go bigger than to go smaller if you want to avoid water shortage. Click here for more information.


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