Safety Tips For Well Pump House Design

If you’re interested in well drilling, or looking for a new well pump, the one thing you’re sure to know is how important getting a safe and well-designed pump house can be. Not only will it shelter your well pump from the elements, but it will help keep the water free of contaminants and ensure the expensive machinery works well for you into the future.

What else can I do with my well pump house?

Some may feel like a well pump house may be a blight on their landscape, or be unattractive to look at. Please remember you can easily re-purpose your plans to incorporate changing areas, outside bathrooms, workshops, storage space and more. You can make the plan as simple or elaborate as you choose. Some enterprising DIYers are even willing to tackle their projects themselves, while others prefer to use a reputable contractor to do the erection for them. Depending on the size of your pump, you can also opt to have your pump house become a discreet part of the background.

What is the most important part of the well pump house design?

It is critically vital that your pump house design be secure, first of all. It must be stable and able to stand under the pressure of the elements. If you live in an area where weather extremes are common, the well pump house must be designed with these in mind. Remember that the weight of snow can easily de-stable roofs, and that strong winds present a danger to any structure. Try and plan things such as doors, access points and windows with common weather conditions in mind, too- having a door slam after ripping out of your hand in a high wind because you put the door on the wrong side of the building is frustrating at best, and can be a danger as well as cause structural damage at worst. Remember that in cold areas walls will need to be double filled or insulated to protect against freezing weather. Walls must be secure, weatherproof and able to stand up to the elements. Make sure that the door fits well and latches properly to prevent it from opening unexpectedly and allowing the elements inside the well pump house. Find out related information here.

What about the roof?

The roof is perhaps the most important part of the well pump house structure. In fact, some well ‘pump houses’ only consist of a roof to protect against inclement weather. It is critically vital that the roof is a stable, steady structure that will not come down on top of the pump, as this can cause damage to the pump itself. It needs to be leak-proof, and appropriate to the weather in the area- in very hot areas, for example, tin roofs will need to be insulated to prevent damaging high temperatures within the well house.

Making a secure and stable well pump house is not as difficult as it may initially seem, and with some creativity you can incorporate it into the design of your garden or unit.

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